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SIUC students present at the Honors Council of Regional Illinois Conference, February 2019


Back Row: Grant Depoy, Jacob Bolton, Adam White, Jessica Jurak
Front Row: Abby Sellek, Rachel Stuckel, Dr. Melinda Yeomans (Associate Director, UHP), Emily Buice. 

Presentation titles:

  • Grant Depoy and Jacob Bolton, The Saluki Spaceship Initiative: Evergreen Model
  • Jessica Jurak, Improving Early Detection of Cancer Using Laser Ablation-Resonance Enhanced Photoionization Mass Spectrometry (LA-REPMS)
  • Adam White, Recent Advances and Discoveries in RNAi Technology
  • Abby Sellek, Insights for Developing Millennial Leaders: How to Cultivate Character and Inspiration
  • Emily Buice, From Foreign to Familiar: Mac & Cheese’s Journey to America’s Comfort Food
  • Rachel Stuckel, Spanish/English Bilingualism in the United States: How Cultural Awareness and Education Could Help Latinos Form a New Identity

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