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Cuba - w/ Dr. Melinda Yeomans

City street in Cuba

Global Citizenry and the New Cuba is a course offered bi-annually by intercultural scholar and University Honors Associate Director, Dr. Melinda Yeomans. This course focuses on U.S.-Cuban intercultural understanding and develops a nuanced appreciation for the new phase of U.S.-Cuban relations that has now opened since U.S. President Obama's historic visit to Cuba in Spring 2016. This three-week intersession course begins with the study of Cuban History, International Law, and Cultural studies at the SIU School of Law. The course crescendos to a 9-day cultural immersion trip to Cuba that highlights the best of Cuban music, art, food, dance, and intellectual exchange. Each day of this trip brings new views and vistas of Caribbean culture as  it moves from Havana to Pinar Del Rio and ends with the stunning beauty of Trinidad--a World Heritage City. Engaged and guided learning experiences are shared in meetings with doctors, lawyers, local business people, artists, organic farmers, and intellectuals who bring the vitality of Cuban culture and history alive.

Costa Rica - w/ Dr. Scott Ishman

students in costa ricastudents in costa rica

“The World Around You” offers an experiential learning and study abroad opportunity. In the breathtaking setting of Costa Rica you will observe geologic features that shape the landscape and the processes through which they are formed.  Hike on an active volcano, and see and smell the steam and gasses as they emanate from the earth.  Relax in soothing thermal springs while studying the volcano producing them.  Study river features while white water rafting on mountain streams and boating through coastal wetlands.  Learn about resources and sustainability on an organic farm.  Study coastal features while snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean. These are a few of the experiences you will have when you take “The World Around You – Costa Rica”.

Japan - w/ Dr. Satoshi Toyosaki

Messages from Hiroshima: Global Peace Studies is an upcoming Global Seminar, scheduled for Summer Intersession 2017. This course will consist of several pre-trip preparation sessions during this semester and two weeks of study-abroad experience in Japan. We will spend the majority of time in Hiroshima and study the atomic bomb, survivors’ testimonies, war literature (poetry and short stories), nuclear politics, history(ies), and global peace. You will have a few opportunities for tourist and cultural experience in Tokyo and Hiroshima. Japanese language proficiency is not required. If you are interested, please come to one of information sessions. 

Oxford - w/ Dr. Elyse Pineau