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Where are you? What are you doing? Where are you working?

We would love to hear from you, all Alumni are welcomed to send us news at UHP has also created a facebook page for all Alumni to post an update. This is an easy place to check-in and reconnect with other UHP Alumni. And remember, the UHP is no longer your address, but it will always be your home.

Lisa Furby, Bachelor's Mechanical Engineering, 2010

"I began law school in the Fall of 2010 at Washington University in St. Louis. I will graduate this May after 3 long years!”

Brooke Armstrong, Bachelor's Political Science, 2010

“In Fall 2010, I started work to get my J.D. at the School of Law here in Carbondale, and I'm due to graduate this May after really enjoying the past two and a half years. After that, I'll take the bar exams for Illinois and Kentucky, and contingent on my passing, I hope to practice law somewhere in Southern Illinois or Western Kentucky.”

Sarah Harvey,  2011

“I started a PhD program in Computer Science at University of Waterloo in Canada in September 2011. My research areas are in security, privacy and information retrieval, and I currently work on problems relating to location privacy, and privacy in personalization systems.”

Steve Looten Jr. Bachelor's in Theatre, 2010

 "I have been privileged to work for theatre companies in Ohio, Illinois, California, and North Carolina - acting, directing, sword-fighting, building sets, hanging lights, blowing things up, teaching my ways to impressionable teenage minds, and a number of other fun activities. Next week, I will move to Minneapolis, MN to be near friends from SIU!”

Arielle (Thibodeaux) Masterson, Bachelor's of Social Work, 2011

“I went on to University of Southern Indiana to do my Master of Social Work. I finished this year. Currently, I'm working as a mental health therapist. I also married a SIU alum a couple of months ago.”

Kimberly Adele Bilitzki, Bachelor's in Plant Biology, 2012

“I'm friends with several of you on fb! Love seeing everyone progress! I just started my grad program at Indiana university Bloomington! And so far I love it. Currently working on the NSF predoc!”

Kelsey Elizabeth Jarrett, Bachelor's in Microbiology, 2011

"I will graduate from SIU School of Medicine with a M.S. in Cellular Physiology this May. I'm in the process of applying to PhD programs so that I can pursue interdisciplinary studies in both molecular biology and immunology, which for me, is the scariest thing I've ever done. Eventually, I hope to become a professor and run my own laboratory."

Issac Simon, Bachelor's in Zoology, 2011

“I was in Israel interning in a zoology lab at Tel Aviv University for a while. Now I'm back in the states hoping to start graduate school in the fall.”

Emily Boyer, Bachelor's in Spanish, 2011

“I am currently working at the Macon County Health Department as the MIECHV Intake Coordinator where I help families facing adverse experiences get a good start as a family so they will all succeed.”

Yuri Fedorovich, Bachelor's in Physiology, 2012

“Currently I am a first year graduate assistant in the Physiology Department, SIU School of Medicine with research interests in Neuroscience. I am planning to finish my degree in August 2013 and tie my future with medicine afterwards.”

Loran (Luehr) Morris, Bachelor's in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, 2012

“I spent my summer doing my favorite thing in the world.....working at SUMMER CAMP!! Then I began my graduate program in Food and Nutrition with an emphasis on Community Nutrition at SIUC this fall. I should be graduating with my Master's of Science with my Registered Dietitian licensure in May 2014, and then, who knows where God will take me! I was thinking being an international missionary dietitian with my husband for a few years.”

Payton Lindsay, Bachelor's in Mathematics and Civil Engineering, 2011

“Over the summer of 2012 I worked as an intern with the DOD at the Pentagon, and that Fall semester I started as a grad student in Structural Engineering at Purdue University. For this summer I spent the first half working on my research here at Purdue and the second half at Sandia National Labs in NM doing research for them. I will graduate with my Masters in the Spring, but it won't mean much because I'm staying on at Purdue for my PhD.”

Cameron Jones, Bachelor's in Civil Engineering, 2012

“I started working as a Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor in Jacksonville, Illinois. I Love what I do and learn something new everyday!”

Nathan Wachter, Bachelor's in Biological Sciences, 2011

“I am now in my second year of Medical School in Springfield, IL with SIU School of Medicine. I am not sure what I am going to specialize in but am thinking about a surgical specialty.”

Kilby Osborn, Bachelor's in Physiology, 2010

“I am currently a medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine”