CFP for the Cluster on From Cradle to Cradle

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Katelyn Tiogo painting
Peace with Nature (Katelyn Toigo, 2019).  Katelyn's reflections after the Global Peace studies Seminar to Japan with Dr. Satoshi Toyosaki.

CFP for the Fall 2020-Spring 21 thematic cluster: From Cradle to Cradle

The phrase, Cradle to Cradle, comes to us from Sustainability Studies, most notably William McDonough and Michael Braungart’s book, Cradle to Cradle:  Remaking the Way We Make Things (2002).  They propose that human creativity and ingenuity must be turned away from the logic of “Cradle to Grave that has dominated the last two hundred years of industrial production.  It must be replaced, they suggest, by ways of living that mimic the regenerative cycles of nature.  In other words, instead of producing with planned obsolescence inbuilt into it,  we must create such that the end of life is the beginning of a new cycle.  

In this cluster, we seek to expand this concept beyond cycles of production and consumption to encompass all areas of life; to explore what regenerative thinking and living means from the multiple disciplines and approaches.  Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Historical and philosophical enquiries into the concept of time; the meaning of rituals; interpretations/representations of the beginning and end-of-life in arts and culture
  • Theories of political economy- circular and linear orientations in calculations of investments and returns, management of resources, and practices of production-distribution-consumption. Creating to regenarate
  • Varied notions of generating value and wealth: What constitutes wealth? Alternative modes of creating and sharing wealth—for instance, sharing economies, the Commons, and the role of education in such efforts
  • The human body and its relationship to nature; life and death in medical-health discourses and practices; in the arts; and social organizations
  • Artistic expressions and explorations of life and death; the intersections of bio-mechanics and bio-engineering in the arts; narratives of youth, childhood and old age
  • Renewable energy, eco design, bio-diversity, and bio mimicry