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Not Your High School Honors Program

Many new students blanch at the thought of a college-level Honors program because of their high school experience. For many, high school Honors courses just meant more work. Their peers were writing a ten-page paper, while they were writing a twenty-page paper. Honors seemed to be a punitive "boot-camp." Students who had that kind of experience do not want to repeat it at the college level for fear of jeopardizing their GPA.

The University Honors Program at SIU Carbondale is NOT your high school honors program! The UHP courses are different than any you will take at SIU—small, limited to UHP students, and taught by our best faculty. The learning experience is much like that of a private college. While the courses are rigorous, they are qualitatively rather than quantitatively different from non-honors courses.

Join us if:

  • You enjoy learning and want to get the most from your studies at SIU
  • You like the thought of studying in small, friendly settings with engaged and excited students and faculty
  • You are eager to become involved in research opportunities as an undergraduate
  • You want to prepare yourself to apply to quality graduate and professional schools, or want to distinguish future job applications
  • You believe in sharing your time, talent and knowledge to benefit others
  • You are hungry for the experiences and friendships that will launch you on a lifelong quest for knowledge and personal growth


Entering freshmen qualify for admission on the basis of an ACT composite score in the 90 percentile (or higher) or a high school GPA of 3.3/4 (or higher). If you didn't "ace" the ACT, know that we look at more than just that score. Students who receive an academic scholarship from SIUC are automatically accepted pending submission of the application and letter of intent.

Continuing SIUC students qualify for admission to the UHP on the basis of having completed 12 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher.

Transfer students with at least 12 semester hours of transfer credit qualify for admission to the program on the basis of a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher on all non-SIUC college-level work.

Interested students should complete the UHP Application Form and mail or bring it to the UHP Office, Morris Library, Suite 110.