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What Students Are Saying

Sreyoneel Biswas,

"The Honors Program accepts students of many diversities and gives them a chance to learn and explore new subjects."

Colleen Hill,
Animal Science

"The broad range of classes available and the contract option make the Honors Program very convenient.  The faculty expected more from the students, which I found to be a nice change.  It allowed for stronger student-professor relationships."

Alyssa Saylor,

"I really enjoyed the classes.  Teachers are able to expand upon a small portion of their expertise that most interests them, and that passion really comes forth in the class.  I enjoyed being able to meet other motivated students.  The UHP kept me in the loop on many interesting events and activities happening on campus.  Coming to a four-year university without much guidance, I appreciated that the UHP showed me these opportunities and assisted me in finding the path I wanted to take."

Emily Berglin,

"Coming from such a small high school, I assumed I would be merely a number on such a large campus.  The UHP took me under its wing, and exposed me to so many opportunities on campus."

Rachael Huszar,

"The classes were on such unique topics and prompted discussions that wouldn't happen in any other class.  The professors and students are completely involved.  The classes were often the bright point in my schedule."

Danielle Sheley,
Interior Design

"I took unique classes that I would never have been able to take otherwise.  The UHP helped me develop as a profession and a person."

Alexis Bergman,

"Several teachers inspired and pushed me to become all that I am capable of, and I would not be the same without their wisdom and support.  They taught me life skills that go beyond the classroom and translate into my daily life.  I know that in the future, I will always credit my success to the foundation that they helped me build."

Danielle McGrew,

"The UHP has opened so many doors for me, especially by encouraging me to pursue creative projects such as my REACH grant-sponsored documentary book on family farms in Southern Illinois.  I have also met some of my closest friends through the program."

Lee Stewart,
2011 USA Today All-College Academic Team
Political Science

“The University Honors Program has been an integral piece to my success at SIU. The classes taught in this program are fantastic and the professors are dedicated to student success. The services provided by the UHP and The Office of Major Scholarship Advisement have helped me to network on campus, become involved in research, and helped set me apart from other students. The friendships I’ve made through being in this program have also been some of the most meaningful and lasting friendships of my college career.”

Tyler Chance,
Political Science

“The University Honors Program has not only given me the chance to grow academically, but it has also given me the chance to grow a family. The people I have come in contact with in my honors classes have become my best friends; they have become my family. That family is one thing that the honors program provides that no other academic program could match.”

Carly Freiwald,

“When I joined the Honors Program as an incoming freshman I thought it was just going to be something that would look good on my resume. However, I’m  junior now and as the years have progressed I have become more and more fond of the program. I have thoroughly enjoyed every class that I have taken and I think it is a great opportunity. Today I was reading over the email with the new classes for next semester and I was astounded. I want to take almost every single class! I’m especially excited about the Walt Disney class!"

Adam Hall,
Cinema & Photography

"The Honors Program has been a huge part of my college experience. Having the opportunity to meet and converse with outstanding professionals such as Story Musgrave, David Levy and Garrison Keillor is a source of inspiration and encouragement in my own pursuits."

Fahran Robb,
2006 USA Today All-USA College Academic team,
Agriculture Information & Political Science

"The University Honors Program has opened so many doors for me. I never would have applied for the USA Today All-USA College Academic Team without their guidance. They truly care about providing us an advantage for our future."

Austin Mohr,
Mathematics & Computer Science

"The University Honors Program has been an indispensible aid in my pursuit of major scholarships. The faculty are skilled, knowledgeable and tireless in their efforts. It is because of their focused, goal-oriented work that I was able to secure the Barry M.Goldwater Scholarship. I cannot express the depth of my gratitude for their steadfast belief in my abilities and ardent desire for my success."

Stephanie Buckley,
Special Education

"Honors classes have allowed me to explore worlds that I did not think were possible to me. I have not only learned about how to be a better student, but a better and more well-rounded person."

Joe Batir,
2007 Morris Udall Scholarship Winner, Geology

"My experiences with the honors program will be some of my best memories of my college experience."

Brenda Sanders,
University Studies

"Through the SIUC Honors Program, guest lectures, breakfast meetings and opportunities to meet diverse academic luminaries, I have had significant exposure to academic figures that would otherwise have been unavailable to me. Thus my academic experience has been enriched and has equipped me with strong confidence in knowing that I will complete post-graduate degrees and enjoy a meaningful career. I wholeheartedly recommend participation in the SIUC Honors Program."

Sarah P. Beard,
Marketing & Management

"The University Honors Program is an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their college experiences. The classes offered through the Honors Program are not like any other classes on campus. I have learned more from my honors classes than any other classes."

Rapeepan Maitree,
Electrical Engineering

"University Honors Program helps me build on my accomplishments and inspire me to climb a little higher and stretch the boundaries of my imagination."

Laura Deaton,

"I think the honors program provided a chance to be exposed to some interesting classes instead of just average core. It made going to class an enjoyable experience. Working for my Honors thesis has also really prepared me for what to expect in graduate school."

Todd Styles,

"The honors program is a great aid to students. Lots of scholarship opportunities and interesting classes, I recommend it to any student."

Payton List,
Film Production & Premedicine

"I have been able to explore many new areas of study that I would have never thought about otherwise. My analytical and writing skills have improved greatly with each of the courses I have taken. I also enjoy small class sizes because I am able to work closely with the professor and participate in class discussions."

Sean Goodin,
Physiology-Political Science & Chemistry

"University Honors Program has enabled me to gain a wealth of information that is above and beyond what you can get in a normal class."

Cory Maria Dack,
English & Music

"Some of the honors professors I've worked with have been the best and most thought provoking teachers I've ever had."