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The University Honors program seeks course proposals for our UHON 351 seminars. Honors students are academic high achievers who take UHON seminars (capped at 15) to fulfil their University Core requirements. We encourage proposals that are innovative in concept and design, subject and pedagogy from all disciplines on our campus -- sciences, arts, humanities, and social sciences.  Experimental and interdisciplinary approaches that integrate theory and practice, the university and the community are particularly welcome. Faculty from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. You may submit individually or in pairs. All applications must be submitted on the UHON 351 Proposal Form.

We invite proposals in either one of the following two categories:

  1. General call for proposals: A topic of your choice that would be of interest to a vast array of undergraduate majors. Remuneration:  faculty incentive, i.e., $3200 in OTS, if taught in addition to regular teaching duties; or Department incentive, i.e., $3200 to the Department for release of faculty to teach the course.  
  2. Call for Honors Teaching Fellows in Cluster: You will join a cluster of Honors faculty whose classes coalesce around a specific theme.  Our Fall 19-Spring 20 theme is Survival.  Faculty in the cluster will participate in a weekly seminar with others in the cluster, including graduate and undergraduates (by invitation), and make one public presentation on their research on the theme in the semester.  The Honors program will coordinate our prestigious speaker series with the theme as well.    Honors teaching fellows will teach their courses on load and receive $3200 in OTS.

Please find attached the UHON 351 Course Proposal FormDeadline: February 25, 2019.

All proposals will be vetted by the Honors Advisory Council, comprised of faculty from all the Colleges.  Current members are:

Laura Morthland             CASA                                              Carola Daffner                 COLA

Lisa Brooten                   MCMA                                              John Fraedrich                 COBA

John Farrish                      AG                                               Om  Agrawal                     ENGR

Kelly Bender                     COS                                              Pradeep Ambati              COEHS