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Dr. Hamilton Brehm is part of the SIU team working on testing kits for Covid 19. Read more.

Dr. Hamilton-Brehm leads a team of researchers who have recently isolated a bacterial genus found deep beneath the area formerly known as the Nevada Test Site; a life form that is anaerobic and thrives at hot temperatures. Read more.

Dr. Jeffrey Punske has published, Language Invention in Linguistics Pedagogy (Oxford University Press, 2020).  Coedited with Nathan Sanders and Amy Fountain.

Dr. Walter Metz, Department of Cinema and Photography presented, The Long and the Short of the Romanoffs at the Literature/Film Association Conference. Portland State University; and Television's Liberal Blackface: A Reception-Based Interrogation at the Reception Study Society Conference. Brigham Young University. Provo, UT. September 27, 2019.

Dr. Pinckney Benedict, Department of English, presented, The Page that becomes Immortal: Borges, Homer's Odyssey, and Virtual Reality, at the Annual Classics Symposium at Hollins University in Roanoke VA, October 2019

Jyotsna Kapur, University Honors Program, presented “What is home in a capitalist world? At 7 p.m., Sept. 12, at Southeast Missouri State University’s Catapult Creative House in Cape Girardeau. The lecture is part of the university’s “After Hours: Conversations on Art and Culture” series. 


Dr. Jyotsna Kapur (Professor, Cinema and Photography and Director, UHP) was invited to Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore for a series of lectures on Media Studies.  She also gave a keynote on the integration of Sciences and Arts at their 1st International Conference on Science, Technology, and Innovation (2nd-4th April, 2019).

Honors Faculty Publications--a selection

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Johnson, D. M. (2018). Xenophon’s Intertextual Socrates. In Plato and Xenophon (pp. 71-98). BRILL.

Dr. Kenneth Stikkers, Philosophy, recently presented a lecture, “Pragmatisms's Response to Plato," at Roma Tre University in Rome, Italy, and also conducted a series of graduate seminars on William James' “Principles of Psychology” at Ca’Foscari University in Venice, Italy

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