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The University Honors Program (UHP) is a university-wide undergraduate program that models the excitement of a small liberal arts within a large research university. It is designed to reward SIU's best students for their high academic achievements. We mentor each student individually, empowering them to take charge of their education, form enduring relationships, and develop life-long habits of thinking independently and working collaboratively. Through our motto of Learn. Lead. Serve we work with the whole student, introducing them to academic, leadership, and service opportunities. Our students are multi-faceted, engaged, and eager to make a difference. And, we help forge connections for them across the campus community and beyond, both local and global.

Students choose from a changing array of seminar-style classes that fulfil the University Core Curriculum; enhance their academic experience with independent studies and thesis with faculty; and are supported by their Honors Mentor. Faculty teaching in Honors come from all disciplines across the campus, create classes that innovate in concept and course design, and bring their research into the classroom. Each year, some of the courses cohere around a theme. Our theme for the Fall 2019-20 year is Survival.

Spring-time in University Honors

Student showcase: Students of UHON 351: Medieval Manuscripts and Secret Languages will present their manuscript projects and share their experiences conducting hands-on research in Special Collections.  In this class, taught by Professors Jeffrey Punske (Linguistics) and Jacob Haubenreich (Languages, Cultures, and International Trade), students have been studying the history of medieval manuscripts and early printed books, code-making, and various aspects of Medieval life, all through the lens of the Voynich Manuscript, often considered “the most mysterious book in the world.”  May 9, 2:45-4:45, Morris Library Rotunda

Month of Julius Caeser:  In conjunction with SIUC's Theater Department's production of Julius Caesar, we reflect on the themes that Caesar evokes today. April 28-May 4.  Read more.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Buckminister Fuller's Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth legacy: February 5-9, 2019.  Read more.