Honors Contracted Courses

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Contracted courses are initiated by the student interested in pursuing something a little different from the assignments in class.   Some possible examples of Honors contracts include, but are not limited to:

  • A paper on a more challenging topic than those required of other students
  • More sophisticated experiments or problems
  • Extra problem sets or experiments in an area not heavily explored in class
  • Extended readings on an author or historical figure not thoroughly covered in the class
  • Viewing/experiencing cultural artifacts related to the subject matter and writing response papers
  • Leading a class discussion on a topic thoroughly studied and prepared by the student
  • Translating a short work
  • Meetings with the instructor to discuss additional readings

Previous topics have included:

  • The origins of beer and its role in the agricultural revolution in a largely lecture and lab based class in the Fermentation Institute.
  • Presenting two videos to initiate a discussion on domestic abuse in a class on victim advocacy.

The student will approach you with the Contract Form.  After you have both agreed to it, please  forward  to the Director of the UHP for approval. The deadline is Friday of the third week of classes; during the summer term, the deadline is the Friday of the first week of classes.

(Download the honors contract form)