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Student Research Highlights

Allison McMinn was selected for the Summer 2019 Duke Research Experience in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department within the Edmund T. Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University. She will be working under the direction of Professor Yiyang Gong with the project “Fluorescent Imaging of Neural Activity in Live Animals."

Carly Kasicki and Jacob Coddington are among the winners of the 2019-2020 for creating a new inititaive on our campus, a student generated class, UHON 351, Innovations in Sustainability:  Surviving in a Changing World to be offered in Fall 2019.  Carly and Jake have brought together faculty from various disciplines, including Art and Design, Geoengineering, Environmental Studies, Energy, Policy, Architecture, Media, and business to consider, in theory and practice, design as a way to conceptualize and find solutions for sustainable living. The class is a model of students taking charge over their education and pulling together the resources neccessaryto do so on our campus.  Read more about Green Fund awards here.

Amanda Blocker, senior in microbiology, and Scott Hamilton-Brehm, Assistant Professor of Microbiology, look at a sample of a microbe isolated from a 900-meter-deep borehole located on the border between California and Nevada.  Read more.

Amanda Blockner SIU 

Lacey Gibson published, A Tale of Two Cities:  Differences in Wine Cultures in Nice and London in Gastronomica: The Journal of Food Studies (Volume 18, Number 4. pp 77-81.  2018)  Lacey developed this paper as an Honors thesis with Dr. Hurlburt, Professor and Chair, Department of History.  In the paper, Gibson argues, that French wine culture may be a powerful tool to promote mindfulness and moderation.  Read more about Lacey's adventures after graduating here.

Several Honors students are doing Undergraduate Research for the Department of Languages, Cultures, and International Trade. Read more.

Congratulations to all the Honors Students who received REACH grants for 2019-2020!

  • Sarah Booth
  • Tra'Deidra Davis
  • Carly Kasicki and Elizabeth Saery
  • Omar Khader
  • Amanda Leppert-Gomes
  • Cassidy Lounsbury
  • Reise Malone
  • Benjamin Polo
  • Luis Prado
  • Karalyn Rich
  • Lincoln Weber

Congratulations to the following Honors students who are new McNair Scholars 2019-2020!

  • Amanda Leppert-Gomes
  • Diamond Palmer
  • Margaret Schlotter