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Upon admission into the UHP, students will complete the:

  • Honors Certificate: Completion of 18 hours of UHP-approved coursework. This work may include up to 6 hours of AP or up to 6 hours of honors courses taken at other institutions. The total number of courses must include one UHON 351 course and may include a senior project or thesis under the direction of faculty member. These are prepared in advance and approved by the director of the UHP. For transfer students with an Associates Degree, the number of UHP-approved coursework is 12 credits may include a senior project or thesis.
  • Honors Residency: Incoming freshmen are encouraged to spend their first year living in the Honors LLC, situated in either Smith or Abbott Hall (West Campus). Students live and learn in an exciting, dynamic environment, comprised of students from all colleges and majors, and unified by a commitment to engagement and excellence! The Honors LLC will provide students with academic support, the opportunity to network, and the potential to develop life-long friendships.

    Social events, leadership and service opportunities, special workshops, and enrichment activities will be part of your LLC experience. Residents are expected to participate in all LLC events.

    Upperclassmen are strongly encouraged to continue their LLC experience in Smith and Abbott Hall for sophomore year and beyond.

    Exceptions to the residency requirement may be granted under certain circumstances. Requests for exceptions should be addressed to Director, Dr. Jyotsna Kapur at