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Summer 2019

Global Peace Studies in Japan w/ Dr. Satoshi Toyosaki - May 2019


This course takes an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to peace studies, specifically related to nuclear technologies/politics, WWII histories (the Pacific Theatre), human and environmental health (radiation effects), war literature, intercultural communication, and international relations. Specifically located in Japan, this global peace studies course visits Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki and includes various museum/facility visits; various lectures; A-bomb survivors’ storytelling; numerous readings and discussions; and some tourist attractions. Japanese language proficiency is NOT required to enroll in this course.  Contact: 

Spring 2019

The Earth Around You-w/Dr. James Conder

costa rica 2019

Nine days of Spring Break traveling to Costa Rica while fulfilling a science elective with this seminar class.  In the breathtaking setting of Costa Rica you will observe geologic features that shape the landscape and the processes through which they are formed.  Hike on an active volcano, and see and smell the steam and gasses as they emanate from the earth.  Relax in soothing thermal springs while studying the volcano producing them.  Study river features while white water rafting on mountain streams and boating through coastal wetlands.  Learn about resources and sustainability on an organic farm.  Study coastal features while snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean. Contact: